Diagnostics and repair

Technical diagnostics allows you to establish signs of malfunction (operability) of equipment, to establish methods and means by which an opinion is given on the presence (absence) of malfunctions (defects). When diagnosing equipment, the specialist solves the issues of predicting the residual life and uptime of the equipment for a certain period of time. In addition, technical diagnostics is aimed at searching and analyzing the internal causes of equipment failure. External causes are determined visually using a measuring tool and devices.

Methods, tools and a rational search sequence of internal causes of failure depend on the complexity of the equipment design, on technical indicators that determine its condition. In the process of diagnosis, the technical condition of the equipment and its components during operation is measured and determined.

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The goals of technical diagnostics are:

  • control of functioning parameters in order to optimize them;
  • monitoring the parameters of the technical condition of equipment changing during operation, comparing their actual values ​​with limit values ​​and determining the need for maintenance and repair;
  • forecasting the resource (service life) of equipment, assemblies and units with the aim of replacing them or putting them into repair.

During unscheduled repairs, only those elements that were the cause of the failure or in which the progressive development of the defect are identified are replaced (or restored). The main task of an unscheduled repair is to restore the operability of the equipment and the speedy resumption of production (process) if it was interrupted.
Equipment repair can be carried out with the help of our specialists. To carry out diagnostics or repair of equipment, please fill out the form, indicating your contact details, as well as the make and model of the device. The nearest free specialist will contact you to clarify the information.


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