Often, work on sophisticated analytical equipment is not limited to simply plugging the plug into a power outlet, but requires advising competencies, knowledge of working methods, reproducibility and interpretation of the results. The user manual or technical data sheet that comes with the equipment, at best, indicate the technical characteristics of the device and describe the purpose of the governing bodies (button, toggle switch, joystick, touch screen), but do not teach how to work on this equipment. This is akin to acquiring a racing car; having a technical passport does not guarantee that a lucky owner of it can manage it.
For training, please fill out the form, indicating your contact details, as well as the make and model of the device. The nearest free specialist will contact you to clarify the information. To receive comprehensive service support and training, you must call the service engineer from the manufacturer. The company Spectral Systems will contact the manufacturer, invite a service engineer, obtain a permit visa, invite a translator who speaks a native speaker service engineer.

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